About Us

We at Ha Toa believe that everyone is born a Warrior with the ability to become what they desire. Everyone posses the strength to fight any challenge put before them no matter how big or small, life changing or life threatening. We all have a Warriors' chance to defy the odds and succeed.
We want to fuel your flame into an inferno. We want to inspire you by awakening the warriors within you with historic and modern designs that remind, represent and help express the warrior lifestyle you live. From apparel to accessories to stickers you will show and inspire the world to follow your lead to greatness. From bright colors to mellow tones we want to offer you a vast colorway to choose from. Let us all move forward together. Ha Toa is more than just clothing. It is an expression of our history, our future and the definition of never giving up until we are victorious or have no breath left in us. Let us join you in the battle. we will create the clothing. While you create the lifestyle for it! Let's start now, and fight... until the last breath!